NHL 14 shooting improvements have been announced.

Shots from the Point

  • Shots can now be flush against the ice (in previous years, there was always at least some height to the shot)
  • Teammates Avoid – AI players will recognize shooting scenarios (they will move earlier to positions for deflections/rebounds and do a better job avoiding shots on way to the net).


  • Shots that are flush to the ice can now be deflected up off the ice and over the goalie.
  • Players recognize their own position in front of the net and will take that angle into account when trying for a deflection. (For example: They may try to pop it up more when closer to the net)
  • Players will try and deflect the puck to a location on the net that gives them a higher chance to score rather than just a random angle:
  • A shot to the top half of the net will be deflected downwards
  • When cheating to one side, players will try to deflect the puck to the opposite side of the goalie.
  • Players will try to gather the puck after a deflection in front of the net if they are in a bad spot to attempt a shot.

Puck Possession Intelligence

  • In setup situations, offensive players will have more urgency going after rebounds and won’t consider the puck turned over as quickly (especially when using an aggressive offensive strategy).


  • Goalies are less likely to get over and cover a one-timer if a player sells the shot before making a pass.
  • If a goalie has to move, or if a shooter is far outside of their original vision path, the less effective a goalie will be at reading the shot trajectory or velocity of a one-timer.

Shots from the slot

  • When you’re taking shots from the slot, the goalie will be unable to cover the entire net.


  • Goalies are now much more aware of the player’s body, the puck’s position and the handedness of the attacking player. They can now favor a player’s forehand, understanding what a player is capable of based on their current momentum.
  • If a goalie is reading deke from an attacking player he will sit deeper in net and it will be easier to beat him with a shot. However, he is also less likely to bite as much on a first move.
  • A quick shot can catch a goalie off-guard, especially if they are thinking pass or deke.