Many players of Big Win Hockey have had questions as to how much the Big Impact cards matter during a match-up. Players have also wondered what impact an opposing team’s level and rating factor into a game. I played 9 games, Daily Trophy and quick games, and took a look at the results. My team, Dyno, was a level 17 (66) rating during these games.

Vipers 16 (53), no cards, W 3-1 (no cards played)
The Diablos 18 (61), no cards, W 3-1 (no cards played)
Band of Brothers 17 (70), howitzer-reactor-sharpshooter, W 3-1 (no cards played)
Stallions 18 (56), no cards, L 3-1 (no cards played)
T-Wolves 17 (67), no cards, L 1-0 (no cards played)
Leafs 17 (84), dangler-puck magnet, T 2-2, (injury free-defensive draws)
Mustangs 17 (63), defensive draws-recovery-injury free, W 2-1, (injury free-defensive draws)
Millionaires 20 (61), takeaways-injury free, W 4-1, (no cards played)
Dog Farts 17 (80), no cards, L 5-2, (big hits-dangler)

I went 5-3-1 for these games. The only games that seem odd are the games against the Band of Brothers and the Stallions. The Band of Brothers were rated 70 and played 3 Big Impact cards, yet I won 3-1. The Stallions were a level higher, but rated 10 points below my team and I lost 3-1. In the course of a regular NHL season, there will be games in which one team is much stronger, yet still loses. If Big Win Hockey simply looked at team rating, the game would be boring. A bit of chance is needed to keep the game enjoyable.