• Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Longevity

Fans of the Ultimate Team mode in the EA SPORTS NHL series will enjoy this iOS game from Hothead Games. Big Win Hockey is available for the iPhone and the iPad and is FREE. The game, like many other iOS games, can be played for free but if you wish to advance quickly or unlock special features you need to purchase in-game items. This shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying Big Win Hockey as you can still enjoy the game without spending any money.

While the game isn’t the typical button masher that arcade hockey games are, Big Win Hockey offers up a good “Be-a-GM” type of experience.


The gameplay is simple. Acquire a team via card packs and pit it against other players teams. You can use special cards to increase the stats of your team, or even use special cards during the game. While you do not actually play the game, you can watch the game or just simulate to the end. You can even customize the names of your players as well as their physical attributes.


Big Win Hockey may be an iOS game, but the graphics do not suffer. The skating motions as well as the player design is excellent. The cards look great and even look better than those seen in the Ultimate Team mode in the NHL series.


As will all iOS games, how much you spend on your device dictates how long you play a game. I still play games i downloaded 2 years ago. Though I do not play them daily, I do put in 20 minutes to an hour a few times a week. Big Win Hockey is a great game to play for an hour or more and just as fun for a quick game when you have a few minutes.

Download Big Win Hockey here.