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You feel the smooth ice under your skates. You propel yourself across the rink, pumping your legs harder and faster as you try to out-skate the defense. A player comes toward you and you throw your body weight against him, slam him into the glass with blinding force and keep moving as he crumples to the ground. Your stick feels like an extension of your arm as you maneuver the puck into position, then give it all you’ve got. The puck shoots forward, lifts off the ice toward the goal and soars past the goalie’s glove by less than an inch. Will this be your only goal or first of many in NHL 13?

Skate and check your way around the rink in the biggest innovation for the NHL franchise in six years with NHL 13. Dominate the arena using the entire toolset of an NHL player, including the explosiveness, momentum and speed, thanks to True Performance Skating and extensive control with Skill Stick. Make quicker, better and more true-to-life decisions when you’re fully aware of other players on the ice with the overhauled A.I. system and EA SPORTS Hockey I.Q. Relive historic moments from NHL history and see if you can play like a star — or rewrite those moments and see them played out as you wish they had occurred. Manage, coach or play in a human-controlled, 30-team league and see if you’ve got what it takes to come out on top. Can you make every stride count? Do you have what it takes to be the next NHL star?


  • Make faster, smarter and better decisions, thanks to the overhauled A.I. system and EA SPORTS Hockey I.Q. that offers the most customizable set of strategies and real hockey systems to date
  • Return to the ice for more than 1,000 new gameplay animations, an overhauled I.Q. system and an added layer of creativity in in the franchise’s biggest innovation in six years
  • Experience the speed, momentum and explosiveness of real-life players with True Performance Skating that is driven by real-world physics
  • Maintain unparalleled control with the Skill Stick
  • Relive or rewrite some of the game’s most historic moments, from Gagner’s eight-point night to Crosby’s epic return to the ice to new moments that are added throughout the season
  • Rise through the ranks as you manage, coach or play in a human-controlled, 30-team league online in the GM Connected multiplayer dynasty mode with Cooperative and Online Team Play
  • For 1 to 7 players offline; 2 to 12 online