For the past 3 days I have had issues with getting Big Win Hockey from Hothead Games to load. I deleted the app, and LOST my team and all of the Bucks I paid for, in hopes of the game fixing itself. I started a new team, bought a few more Bucks, and now the game will not load again. I’m met with an ad to download Big Win Soccer as well as a message encouraging me to add a review on iTunes. Once i say no to both, i get stuck at the load screen. A number of other gamers have had similar issues.

We’ll be contacting Hothead Games for a response.

UPDATED: The team over at Hothead Games responded with the following fix.

Your current issues should be solved by restarting the app. Just in case you have not done this before here are the instructions:
> 1.  Tap the home button to return to the dashboard
> 2.  Double tap the home button to bring up active apps
> 3.  Hold the Big Win icon with your finger
> 4.  Close the app
> 5.  Restart the app

The issue seems to have been resolved by doing the above twice.

Thanks to the team at Hothead Games for the help!