With the release of the demo for NHL 13, EA SPORTS continues the trend of offer fans a full-featured trial of their hockey game. The demo offers gamers a chance to experience nearly every mode as well as an untimed free play practice mode. I spent all-day playing the demo (XBOX) and came away very impressed. It is obvious that EA SPORTS spent quite a bit of time making a game that will appeal to longtime fans of the NHL series.

A perk at work is an XBOX system in a game room. I brought in NHL 10 and a few co-workers and I play 2 vs 2 every day. The difference in NHL 10 and NHL 13 is amazing. The NHL series has truly evolved.

NHL 13 Demo Impressions:

The skating is vastly improved.
The goalies play angles better and make saves that look amazingly lifelike.
Players will poke check and not come up with the puck.
Players will break up passes and the puck will bounce away, not stick to the player’s stick.
Passes do not go to tape-to-tape.
The speed differences of players seems more pronounced.
The AI plays more realistic.
Slapshots are more erratic when taking a full windup.