The NHL 13 blog has a great preview with Ben Ross,the EA SPORTS NHL 13 Gameplay and Presentation Producer.

Question: What does your role entail?

For Gameplay, I handle any of the core gameplay experiences, so that mostly means the twitch game that is played on ice. So that includes anything from offense to defense and goalies, both from a control and AI standpoint. Although I am not responsible for setting player attributes in the database, I work with our software engineers to look at how those attributes effect Gameplay and what causes our players to make the decisions they make on ice so that we get a balanced and realistic experience. From the presentation side it’s from when you first load into the game, the visuals you see in the front end all the way into your game experience. That means any of the on ice visuals, overlays, replays, audio, commentary and post-game stuff.

Read the full interview here.