NHL 13‘s GM mode is now allowing fans of the series to manage, play, or coach with and against friends in their own 30 team human controlled league. A new mobile app is allowing players to make adjustments while away from their consoles or computers.

Game Informer has an excellent article listing the 25+ things we know about NHL 13 GM Connected Mode so far.

Free agency includes both unrestricted and restricted free agents, and it’s handled via seven bidding periods. The highest bidders win the services of the player, and if you strike out you have several more rounds to find an adequate replacement.

EA plans to release a mobile app that allows players to stay engaged with their leagues when they’re away from their consoles. From the app, players can juggle team rosters, scour the waiver wire, propose trades, and read about league happenings.

The GM AI in NHL 13 has also been retooled making the computer AI les “dumb” and more savvy.

Because teams know what they have on their roster relative to the rest of the league, they are smarter about making free agency signings. Last year when a team needed a fifth goalie to be a backup in the minors, it would sign an NHL-level talent to a one-way contract and then immediately try to squeeze him through waivers. This year teams will sign a player of the appropriate skill level if all they need is a body for their AHL affiliate.

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