The has a great interview with NHL 13 producer Sean Ramjagsingh. Sean touches on nearly every aspect of the improvements in NHL 13.

This new skating engine also brings in scenarios where a guy with high speed can come flying in out of nowhere. For instance, during game one, I was shorthanded and the puck went into Edmonton’s zone. I came in with Couturier and chased down the Oiler in the corner and laid out a huge hit. I recovered the puck and all of a sudden saw Claude Giroux flying down the middle. I passed the puck to Giroux as he beat the surprised Oiler defender, and put it five hole on Khabibulin. While I know this type of goal sounds like something that happens in NHL ’12 all the time, it felt different because Giroux FLEW in there really fast, and it felt much more like he jumped at an opportunity to score. I guess the best way to describe it is it felt more real than the usual run of the mill, everyone skating at the same speed goal NHL ’12 would have offered up.

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