NHL 13 may have been just released, but fans of the series do not waste much time in looking ahead to NHL 14. The reviews of NHL 13 have been favorable and the average score on Metecritic are high, 84% XBOX and 83% PS3. While NHL 13 is destined to be one of the best in the series, there are a few items that I’d like to see in NHL 14.

Enhanced Create-a-Team: If the team at EA SPORTS took a look at the Teambuilder functionality in the NCAA Football series and ported it over to the NHL series, gamers would be ecstatic. The ability to create teams with custom logos, name fields and customizes them as well as create the names and attributes of players would be a welcome addition if EA SPORTS added Teambuilder to NHL 14. Even if the player editor wasn’t added, the team creation tools would be a huge hit among fans of the series.

Better Fighting: I’m not a huge proponent of fighting being a huge part of the NHL series, but a better fighting mode would be welcomed.

Team celebrations: RIding the stick like Tiger Williams and fist pumps may be fun, but watch a real NHL game. The players hug and mob each other after each goal.

Online Team Management and Stats: With the NHL 13 iOS app, gamers can control some aspects of their teams. A full-blown web app would allow stat geeks and armchair GM would be able to better control their teams.

What is on your NHL 14 Wishlist?