EA SPORTS has been very active on Facebook not only their many social profiles, but via a number of card-based games. Adding to their NFL and FIFA games, EA SPORTS has added NHL Superstars to their social gaming line-up. NHL Superstars continues the trend of free to play, but cash required for certain features. The idea is simple, create a team via card packs and pit them against other teams. You can play random teams or against your Facebook friends teams. You earn coins during the season as well as pay for coins using cash. The game may be played without spending any real money, but you will need to put in quite a bit of time in order to progress quickly if you do not.

The easiest is by always practicing your team or buying a Personal Trainer until you reach 100 Practice. The next and most important is by gaining new players in card packs. Card packs can be purchased from the Store with Coins or Hockey Cash.

To sign-up and start playing visit the NHL Superstars Facebook app. To learn more about this game, visit the EA SPORTS NHL Superstars FAQ page.