Sports gamers got their first taste of the new connected careers feature in Madden 13 and many are not happy. The Connected Career Mode in Madden is frustrating many gamers due to the features that are lacking from the Franchise mode which it replaced. The inability to load custom rosters and control more than one team are the biggest concerns. Gamers are also stuck using EA SPORTS rosters and are not able to use their own custom rosters. The inability to use custom rosters is a major issue for gamers who enjoy adding rookies, created players and keeping rosters up-to-date. The create-a-player option can only be used in PLAY NOW modes.

Will NHL 13’s new GM Connected mode cause the same issues? One of the best parts of sports games is the ability to play the game as you want. Want to trade Tim Thomas to the Kings? You can. Want to make every trade that happens in the NHL as it happens? You can. Want to fill an entire team with your friends? You can. If EA SPORTS removes the ability to play sports games as gamers want to play them, then sales will suffer in subsequent years. Madden’s revamped physics engine gave sales a huge boost, but if players are stuck using a feature-lacking Connected Career Mode the 2014 version may suffer.

Sports gamers have become accustomed to being able to have complete control of their games. The outrage over missing features in Madden 13, that have been in numerous past releases, could continue if NHL’s GM Connected mode is missing features found in past releases as well.

What is YOUR opinion on the possibility of a limited franchise mode in NHL 13?