The NHL draft was supposed to rival the trade deadline in terms of trade volume, but it ended up only having a few deals get finalized. The Devils and Canucks made a splash when Cory Schneider was dealt for New Jersey’s 1st round pick. Chicago dealt a couple of players for picks as well, but there was no where near the volume or high level stars changing teams that many sportswriters predicted.

The Schneider to New Jersey deal was interesting as he went from one goalie controversy to another. The Canucks couldn’t dump Luongo, and did not want to buy him out, so they were forced to deal Schneider. New Jersey knew they needed to replace Brodeur, but with one year left on his deal, he still feels like he is the #1 goalie. Schneider comes into another situation that still has him fighting to be the top goalie. This situation will be interesting as it plays out. Will the Devils have Schneider sit on the bench and back-up Brodeur this season knowing that Brodeur is likely to retire after the season or will they push Brodeur to the back-up role this year.